Posted on: May 17, 2008 8:58 pm

The O's vs the nationals

The O's need these wins vs the Nats. end of story. They got 2 vs boston, but we need to get a clean sweep of the Nationals. They are na easy opponent, just look at ther lineup! Im in the middle of watching the game right now, and Odalis Perez has already had a meltdown. He wanted to come to washington because he thought he would get more starts than on another team. Boston wanted him, probably for a bullpen role. But Odalis is probably the most expierienced pitcher on the nat's staff. I'm not knocking on their staff, because the Orioles pitching staff is equally as young. Although the O's staff is actually doing a decent job! Cabrera is having the best start of his career and looks to be continuing. Basically the O's need these next two wins to move ahead of Boston, and compete with the ray's for first place.
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